Mountain Sound

First legit post! Just some music I’m into right now.

1. Mountain Sound–Of Monsters and Men

This song is pure joy. The intro had me immediately upon first listening, and this live version brings all the joy to life. The sheer happiness–the kind that makes you want to dance around the room–is what makes this topnotch. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to move to Iceland at some point just to experience the music of bands like this and Sigur Ros.

2. Om Nashi Me–Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

“Om Nashi Me” allegedly means something about “infinite nakedness” in Sanskrit, but Alexander himself has apparently said it’s about “forgetting the bullshit.” This song is so clean and pure, almost trance-like. The delicate flute and the chant-like vocals (but without much in the way of words) communicates a natural feel that is powerful beyond anything else. At certain times, though, I do wish they’d left out the trickling water sound in the beginning…

3. The Cave–Mumford & Sons

By no means is this a new find, but I rediscovered just how freaking awesome it is when one of my good friends showed me he knew how to play the intro when we were attempting to record in his basement (which, incidentally, was highly unproductive but incredibly amusing). Just beautiful.

4. A Candle’s Fire–Beirut

Beirut’s sound is so unique–a full, joyous band with rich vocals over–and this song kind of personifies that. Actually, this whole album is amazing, as is basically everything else they do. But I thought I’d share this as an example of what they do, especially since I heard only the introduction in The Three Stooges movie (of all things!) and knew immediately who it was.

5. Sink/Let It Sway–Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

This is off their new album of the same name, and it’s a standard alt-rock style, but it gets stuck in your head way too easily… Also, this band has such a great name, and this video is just so great (Hillary Clinton on drums, anyone?), and the album is just so great, and yeah. SSLYBY!

You may have noticed that my reviewing powers deteriorated as the list went on…dinner calls. But I certainly hope to do similar posts in the future!