Lazy Days

I can completely accurately say that today is the laziest day I’ve had in a while. No effort was made in putting on clothing (T-shirt and shorts, thank you very much) or even attempting to have a life outside of dorm shopping and practicing. I’m noticing this has become a trend in my life lately, but I think it’s hit a low.

Call me naive, but I’ve heard the college is the best years of your life, and I’m so looking forward to that in less than a month (!!!). Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll be out of the T-shirt&shorts/Internet/TV-ALL-DAY-LONG phase, but I’m hoping that that phase will be greatly lessened. Even if it’s only because I’ll be in the practice room the whole time.

The saddest part is that I was totally content to sit around for 3 hours browsing curtains, rugs, shelves, and lamps while Pandora fed me song after song after song. Today I did not even have the slightest inclination to do anything other with my life. Is this acceptable human behavior? I was so ready to live this summer, and so far I really have done nothing of my To-Do-This-Summer List (in The Moleskine, the notebook intended for my thoughts, drawings, and such, inspired by Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares).

However, this coming week holds much promise with a trip to a water park and my birthday, just to name two events that constitute something other than lazing around the house. Here’s to hoping I get a little less lame a little faster…