Allow a small sob story, if you will. As of this very minute, I am kicked off Netflix while my mother watches Merlin (which I do love dearly, being the self-confessed Anglophile/scifi-fantasy nerd that I am) and my dad watches some other random movie he’s discovered, as usual. Therefore I’ve resorted to web-surfing, Pandora, and writing. Oh the horror! #Firstworldproblems, indeed.

Anywho, the important part here is the writing bit. In all my years of attempted authorship, I have never once finished a story. Actually, I may have concluded some small thing in seventh grade, but I’m pretty sure the computer deleted it. So we’ll just go with the more effective NEVER. Upon getting my new laptop, one of the first things I did was begin a short story called “Animal,” which involves two warring twin sisters of different social groups and perspectives. Not very original, I know, and it honestly has nowhere to go due to its lack of originality. But I’ve decided I’m going to make it my goal to finish said lame story. Otherwise, it’s just another unfinished lackluster project. Who knows how long it’ll take to round off? But I’m determined to do so. For my pride and health and stuff. It’ll be similar to this goal of actually keeping up with this blog (which I’m doing quite well at so far, if I do say so myself)!

Oh, and if I decide that it’s actually worthy of eyes other than my own, I’ll be sure to upload Animal on here. :)


P.S. I just remembered I did finish a story and (sorta) had it published! I mean, it’s on a webpage. But…a girl can dream, right? Link here.