Epic Music Time (or “Some Exaggeration”)

I have come to the realization that I will be moving into my new home (aka COLLEGE) in just two and a half–count ’em–two and a half short weeks. It’s a little bit like this. Okay, perhaps that’s a tad exaggerated, but I’ll be doing quite a bit of that here. Just bear with me.

It can be accurately said that my friends and I have been doing our fair share of reminiscing lately, and as cheesy and clichéd as it sounds, it seems like yesterday that we were struggling through the horrors of elementary school, the terrors of middle school, and the hell that is high school. And now, we have reached the peak that is college, the supposed Best Years of Our Lives. And we set forth like so.

It’ll be a struggle (um, I did some college shopping today…did I mention that it’d be an expensive struggle?), but I can’t wait to go and learn how to be independent and a Cool College Kid and a little bit less of the n00b that I so clearly am now (not that n00biness is ever something one can truly shed, not if one is a true n00b). Fortunately, I have tons of epic music to accompany me, like this or this or this… (God, I could go on and on. I’ll probably do a separate post just dedicated to epic music. I mean, this is why I’m a music major.)

Hopefully, this experience will open a whole new world for me. ;)