Multi-Purpose (or “Some Rants”)

I’ve been holding off blogging because (I am so ashamed) I’ve been too lazy. I have so much to say about recent events, and there was so much writing involved…


So here goes.

First things first–Aurora. I know there’s been exhaustive media coverage, and you probably can’t bear to hear any more. You probably think it’s a terrible tragedy, and it’s terribly hyped, and any more talk is too much. But this shooting touched me a lot. I think other shootings have elicited the aforementioned response in me, that terrible thought of “How horrible, please stop talking about it.” But I feel like I’m now old enough to understand the huge extent of the tragedy and how scary it is that we can no longer truly set foot outside our houses without wondering if we’ll be killed. Okay, perhaps that’s a little drastic. But those people should never have had to worry about being shot at when they were going to see a movie. I read an article in my local paper a couple of days after the shooting. It discussed the usual–the suspect, the incendiary devices in his apartment, the fact that he had called himself the “Joker,” his motives, the casualties, etc. There was also an article of survivors’ recounting of the incident. I’ll be honest–I couldn’t finish it. I almost broke down right at the breakfast table. Seriously, read some about it, and if that doesn’t move you then I don’t know what will.

The other aspect of this tragedy is the political aspect. I know, I know–we can’t politicize the deaths of 71 people. But there’s a difference between this guy and Jon Stewart’s call for putting gun control issues on the table. My dear friend @collegegirlbeck suffered from this rant a couple of days ago over Chinese food, but this is basically what I’ve decided: Let’s talk about it. In no way are we disrespecting the victims by discussing what we can do to prevent a tragedy like this in the future. As Stewart said, maybe it’s not even that we need to act one way or another, but we certainly need to at least TALK. Because something like this just can’t happen again.

Another thing–Chick-Fil-A. In case you hadn’t noticed from my link to the Rachel Maddow blog, yeah, I’m pretty progressive. So this upcoming Chick-Fil-A rant shouldn’t be any surprise to you. Actually, I’m not going to rant. I’m just going to link you to The Onion and let that do the talking.

No, okay, I lied. I have to rant. In recent days, people have been posting their arguments for Chick-Fil-A, and they go something like this: “You shouldn’t hate on a company that’s just standing up for their beliefs, and we should all get along and tolerate each other’s views.” That may not be exactly it, but I’m sure a little Googling will get you the real deal. Anyhow, let’s look at the one I just drafted. I’m all for America and standing up for what you believe in, and I consider myself a tolerant person. But one thing I do not tolerate is intolerance. I do not tolerate denying gay couples marriage counseling, I do not tolerate donations to hate groups, and I certainly do not tolerate hiding hatred behind a façade of faith. None of that is acceptable. As for all of tolerating each other’s views, America is a free country, etc. etc–okay, then. Tolerate the fact that if two men or two women love each other, they can be together. Tolerate the fact that sometimes people will disagree with you and speak out against things they don’t believe in just as much as some stand up for them.  That’s the real issue here. The gay marriage issue is another one entirely–the thing about Chick-Fil-A is that they hate, and they say their hatred is reflected in all-loving God. Something seems off to me.

And the final thing, a little less controversial and much more trivial–my birthday! I certainly don’t feel any older, but I know my birthday marks an important point in my life, especially since I move in two weeks from yesterday. This morning I was reading over the “Things To Do This Summer” list I created when I returned from my road trip, and I realized with horror that I have completed almost none of it. It was supposed to be a living list, and I apparently haven’t lived. But I know I’ll be doing a hell of a lot of living next year, so maybe it was okay to hole up in my room and type away at the keyboard? I’ll…just keep telling myself that.