A New Kind of Exercise

Today the 2012 Olympic Games start, and we’ll be sitting around like couch potatoes while other people run, jump, swim, etc. across our TV screens. Now, I’m no exercise advocate, but I’d say that’s a little sad.

That’s why I’m so pleased to inform you that there’s a new kind of exercise in town. I call it Playing Violin. Violin is not a sport, you say? I beg to differ.

I’m working on the Bach Partita in E Major (Please note, if you watch that, you are not allowed to hear me play. Ever.), and I’m slowly dying. Perlman makes it look so damn easy, Hilary Hahn has the pure, clean sound every player desires… and me? I make noises akin to a dying cat. It’s sacrilegious that such sounds could come out of such a beautiful instrument.

My lessons have gotten to the point where it feels like I’ve just run a marathon by the time I leave my teacher’s studio.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but we’ve already established I’m prone to do so. The point is that that piece gives you an amazing workout, at least for your arms and fingers. I mean, I have tiny hands, so it’s likely I have to stretch a great deal more than the average violinist. But add that to the fact that my right arm is flapping up and down like a demented chicken, my knuckles are squeezing the bow to the string so as to get that “bigger sound,” and I’m moving back and forth like a madwoman in an effort to convince my body to get into the music–and there you have it! A brand-new, screwed-up workout.

Have fun!