Mountain Climbing

Yesterday, I was hanging out around the house, talking to one of my best friends. He asked what I was doing, and I told him nothing. He then said, “You should climb a mountain!” I mean, okay. From chillin’ and websurfing to mountain climbing? Not likely.

But today I had a thought. After lunch, I took a short nap and went for a walk. Up a mountain.

I guess it’s not exactly mountain climbing, but there’s a path across the street from my house that goes up the mountain my neighborhood rests on. It’s wooded and as rugged as a suburban path can get, with little pavement and lots of rocks in the way. It was beautiful.

You know how some music is just really good for some things, like a soundtrack? Like Songs About Jane (Maroon 5) and Torches (Foster the People) are both excellent driving music choices, or Bon Iver is really good for sleeping (No offense, Justin Vernon–I mean that in the best possible way). Today I discovered that My Head Is An Animal (Of Monsters and Men) is really good nature-walking music. It’s so simple and joyous  and natural–give the album a listen, then give it another listen while walking through the wooded area of your choice. You’ll see what I mean.

So I’m walking up this mountain, kind of, with some wonderful Icelandic indie music playing in time to my steps, and it’s just loud enough that I can focus on it the most, but not loud enough to cover up the crunching of sandy dirt and pebbles underneath my feet. And it’s late afternoon, so the sun is filtering through the trees in that magical way it does around that time of day, and it’s hot of course, but the trees offer enough shade that I only need to take a drink of water every so often. And the pine needles coat the mountain sides that slope so steeply down, but I don’t really notice because the section of path that I’m on is level enough to walk normally, but I’m at a height where I can look down through the trees onto the houses, and (this is not as creepy as it sounds) I feel like I can see everything and like I’ve got this big secret, because nobody knows I’m up here. It’s just me, with the music, and with the bit of nature that still resides in the Land of Suburbia. It’s refreshing and perfect, just being alone.

So I did it! I climbed a mountain! Physical activity!

Don’t expect it to become a habit or anything.