Feeling Crafty

Today I came home from my lesson in a weirdly good mood (especially considering I brought the WRONG CONCERTO. And my audition is NEXT WEEK.) and decided I would make stuff for my dorm. I won’t even try to figure out why this creativity feeling grabbed me–all I know is that I went with it and pulled off some pretty awesome stuff, if I do say so myself. I know this isn’t Pinterest, but I still want to share, so I’ll be brief.

I created a magazine/file box by cutting a cereal box in an appropriate shape and wrapping it in wrapping paper roughly the same shade of blue as the blue in my sheets. I stenciled stars around the top and wrote song lyrics around the rest of it. Then I found out that no normal-sized paper (or magazines, or anything actually) will fit in it–go figure. Probably will cut out the back and have them hang over the side because I’m too lazy to write all those damn song lyrics again.


I also created a pencil holder out of an unusually large pineapple can and the typical magazine collage. Here it is at a couple different angles in an effort to show off all the pictures I used. The flowers were made by my sister.


So yay for crafts! Time well-spent.


P.S. Move-in Day is only a week away. :O