Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Breaking Social Norms and Other Fun Things


And so the time has come. I have officially come up with an idea for that sociology project I mentioned earlier. Singing! So you know how flash mobs are terribly incredibly awesome? It’s… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #4 (on Sunday/Monday)


So….no updates this week. I will definitely try to make an effort at some point, but I have been very busy lately, so I’ll just throw some stuff at you and get back… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #3


I can’t believe I’m doing another one of these so soon. I guess I haven’t been posting very much… But honestly, these are my favourite posts to do. I’ve given up on trying… Continue reading

Some Awesomeness, Social Norms, and the Lack Thereof


I graduated from high school in May. A whole summer and a trip through the mail (i.e. being lost) later, my graduation present from one of my very best friends finally reached me… Continue reading



Today was my first official day of college! Classes, a convocation, practicing–the whole shebang. And in these past few hours, I have learned several important lessons already… Lesson #1: Practice rooms seem very… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #2


Today the campus bus was stupid. I think I lost 10 pounds just walking everywhere carrying that damn violin… and now I’m gaining it all back by devouring leftover Mellow Mushroom calzone. Anyways,… Continue reading

First Days


Well, this was it! My first full day as a college student. I can’t begin to describe how weird this feels, mostly because I’m not really sure how it feels yet. It doesn’t… Continue reading

Why I Do What I Do


There is little, if nothing, appealing about standing in locking yourself in a room for hours at a time, just to wear yourself out and make yourself frustrated and anger. And yet, zillions… Continue reading

The Trouble With Blogging


There’s a serious condition afloat around the world. It moves from person to person, causing them (and indirectly, their friends and families) frustration, anger, guilt, and serious stress. It can affect young and… Continue reading



Sometimes, I do really weird things like see Shakespeare plays, talk for extended periods of time about Buffy (watching in order, not done, no spoilers), read all the Terry Pratchett books, form a group of friends… Continue reading

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