Songs of Saturday #1

In trying to decide what to blog about today, my mind kept coming back to awesome music. So here I am, sitting at my laptop, listening to said awesome music and getting completely distracted by it, when I decide that I’ll start a tradition. Every Saturday, I shall post 5 really awesome songs that I’m into as a sampler of my personal taste in music, much as I did in one of my very first posts, Mountain Sound (even though that was unfortunately published on a Sunday, thereby breaking the tradition at its beginning…oh well). So here goes!

1. Constant Conversations–Passion Pit

This is a track off Passion Pit’s new album, Gossamer, which is fantastic. I can’t claim to be a full-fledged Passion Pit fan, as I only know a couple of songs off their first album Manners, but I’m definitely on my way to it, as I fell in love with Gossamer almost immediately. It stays true to the group’s unique electronic, sometimes almost comical, sound (listen to the introductions of almost any Passion Pit song and you’ll understand what I mean) that makes them them. “Constant Conversations” is my absolute favorite off this album; it’s beautiful, but in an unconventional way. The music video fits the song perfectly, conveying both glamour and angst simultaneously.

2. Blood Brothers–Ingrid Michaelson

Not only is this song fantastically Ingrid, but the video also kind of rocks my world. This is such an Ingrid song, and it makes me feel weirdly comforted that I can continue to depend on her to make really awesome music, even while my world is shifting. The message and upbeat feeling of “Blood Brothers” just makes me smile. :)

3. Ballad of a Politician–Regina Spektor

Regina’s another one that I’ve loved for a long time and who also just released a new album that is so true to her style. I’m all for musicians trying to change their image and experiment with new things, but of course it’s their original styles that made me fall in love with them in the first place, and What We Saw From the Cheap Seats makes me feel comforted in much the same way Ingrid’s Human Again does. This track exemplifies the cynical view we have of politicians–their corruptness, their power. It is beautiful but sardonic with her almost a-cappella style and her biting lyrics. ReSpekt!

4. Young Blood–The Naked and Famous

You’ve surely heard this one on various ads. It is the perfect carefree-summer-Generation-X song that makes you feel light and your spirit soar. Sometimes it makes me sad that such awesome songs are relegated to commercial status, where they are not enjoyed because of their discovery or their song, but instead become just another “That Song From That Ad.” I honestly don’t believe “Young Blood” deserves such a rep, not because it’s groundbreaking or revolutionary or musical genius, but because it’s just so damn happy. You can’t NOT imagine driving down the highway in high summertime, with the windows down and this blasting. It’s just got that feel to it.

5. If You Were Gay–From Avenue Q

And now for something completely different! My fellow roadtrippers and I were fortunate enough to get to see this musical when we were up in the Big Apple, and can I just say that it was fantabulous. It’s “Sesame Street meets South Park,” it’s rude, it’s crude, it’s scarily truthful, and it’s amazing. This is one of my very favorite songs, featuring the obvious Bert-and-Ernie imitations, Rob and Nicky. If you don’t appreciate such crude humor, I suggest you do not listen to this or any other Avenue Q song…but you’re missing out! ;)

Hope you enjoy any/all of these! My apologies if they all suck, if they’re too underground for you, if they’re not underground enough, etc. etc. (I was told today that I am a bit of a mainstream hipster music-wise, so…make of that what you will)

Going out with the Sheriff of Agloe, Grace; my mother; and some of her friends tonight to see Much Ado About Nothing! I’ll surely accumulate enough material to add to tomorrow’s post about NERDS. So you should definitely come back for that.