Sometimes, I do really weird things like see Shakespeare plays, talk for extended periods of time about Buffy (watching in order, not done, no spoilers), read all the Terry Pratchett books, form a group of friends around a web series, take a road trip to visit a fictional town based on a book, have fierce arguments about which Doctor is better (Tennant all the way \m/), and spend hours each week doing nothing more than watching shows on Syfy. Why would I do any/all of these things? Because I’m a nerd.

If you saw me, you might not think I’m a nerd at first (jk, you totally would). But let me tell you–the nerdiness is omnipresent. This nifty little chart will show you what I mean:


First off, I’d like to consider myself reasonably intelligent. I don’t do things like run across five lanes of traffic to get to a water park (yes, I witnessed this today. No, I did not hit the culprits), rob a surveillance camera store, or pay money to see the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s not to say, of course, that I don’t have my moments, but on the whole I think I’m pretty well off.

Social skills are a completely different matter. Upon finding myself in a large group of people I don’t know very well, I become That One Girl in the Corner Pretending to Text. My mouth often operates before my brain can, resulting in some words that probably make people question my first claim to intelligence. I’m clueless about both sexes; although strangely enough, I seem to be able to interact with guys better (sorry, girls, I just don’t find health food/makeup/Gossip Girl very fascinating) , even though that has its limits as well (our conversation ends when you start talking about hot girls/video games/the bro code). I completely fail at making small talk with anybody. My favorite word is “awkward” simply because that describes almost all of my social interactions.

So, we’ve already determined I’m at least a dweeb, but now we come to the obsession bit. Obsession takes dedication and loyalty, which I can positively attribute to myself, especially when it comes to things like The Guild, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Neil Patrick Harris, among other things. I get hooked on an album or artist and can’t stop listening. I get attached to fictional characters and cry when they die. And the best part about all of this? I FREELY ADMIT IT WITH NO SHAME.

This, my friends, describes the quintessential nerd. You don’t have to wear the thick-framed glasses, the pocket protector, or the braces (although I’ve been enjoying the latter for the past four-ish years). You don’t have to program computers, sniffle, or become a recluse. You can be a music nerd, a Star Wars nerd, a technology nerd, a photography nerd, or a book nerd. You just have to have the knowledge, the dedication, and the time for whatever you love so much.

Wait a minute! That doesn’t sound so bad! Could being a nerd…be a good thing?


As a self-confessed nerd, I’d like to think so. So don’t be afraid to be as nerdy as possible! I won’t judge.