The Trouble With Blogging

There’s a serious condition afloat around the world. It moves from person to person, causing them (and indirectly, their friends and families) frustration, anger, guilt, and serious stress. It can affect young and old, male and female, student and teacher at any time, in any fashion. Perhaps this psychological illness has an official name, I don’t know, but it’s commonly referred to as the dreadful, the terrible, the painful Writer’s Block.

I came up with today’s blog topic attempting to make a list of topics for the next week so I know I’ll always have something to write about. This is because I often come down with a serious case of Writer’s Block, usually at the most inconvenient of times (like when that big essay is due tomorrow and it’s going on 1 AM and you have literally nothing on paper or screen because you logged on at 10 to start it and spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at memes and stuff and maybe you should have started at the beginning of the week like you totally planned to and). Blogging is no exception. I started this blog to have a way to talk about all of my many feelings without using Facebook (because reading people’s sob stories on Facebook is so incredibly irksome sometimes), to communicate what’s going on in my life to friends and family I’m leaving behind, and to encourage myself to write more in the hopes that the dreaded Writer’s Block would strike less often. Unfortunately, I seem to be failing at the latter already.

The trouble with blogging is coming up with something that people are interested in. There are, of course, groups of people interested in anything. Who knows, maybe there’s some sect of the population incredibly fascinated with celery, or another dedicated to collecting stuffed pandas, or a cult championing a series of books about a scarred magical British boy who battles a snake man–oh, wait. Anywho, successful blogging is keeping your personal tone while not being so self-absorbed that nobody wants to read said blog. You also have to do this on a regular basis.

And so here I am, victim of Writer’s Block, attempting to blog. This is my plea for you to pause and bear with me. Maybe none of my posts have been interesting at all, and you just read it because you got bored and clicked the Facebook link, but in reality you think it’s seriously pretentious for me to share my own writing with 389 people daily. Maybe you stumbled upon this searching for something completely different and said, “What is this crap?” and immediately clicked off the page. Maybe you only plan on checking in on Saturdays so you have some background music for whatever more interesting things you’re doing.

But I just want to thank you for tuning in at all, because every time you click on anything on my page, my number of site hits goes up and it makes me feel like a better person. In reality, you’re boosting my self-esteem just by pushing a button! Ridiculously sad… but so effective. So consider this my thanks to you for helping me get this blog off the ground in my efforts to achieve minimal internet fame. I don’t expect this to go super far, but it does make me feel good to know that at least somebody is reading the words I write. Too soon? Probably. But I just hit 300 views and I’m feeling a little awesome. So here it is, my thanks, in case anyone ever demands to see it when I’m high-profile and no one believes I was born in this country (wait, I wasn’t…huh?).

Tomorrow I promise I’ll have a more interesting topic (it’s all planned out, remember? :D) and it won’t be just me rambling on. *checks schedule* Oh wait…