First Days

Well, this was it! My first full day as a college student. I can’t begin to describe how weird this feels, mostly because I’m not really sure how it feels yet. It doesn’t seem legit that I’m living on campus–it still feels like a sleepaway camp. Classes don’t even start until Monday, so right now I’m planning on getting my schedule together and trying to make sure I know where I am for at least 90% of the time.

Yesterday was move-in, which went relatively smoothly, except my family and I had the fortune of lugging everything out of the parking garage and all the way over to the dorm in the heat. Luckily, I’m on the first floor, so I don’t have to worry about pulling it upstairs. My room is much cozier now, and I even have a “man-cave” (er, woman-cave?) below my bed.

I’m going to an in-state college, so a large portion of my high school also goes here. I met up with several high school friends, and together, along with my awesome out-of-state roommate, we explored campus (in crazy hot weather, I might add) and the downtown area in an attempt to get a feel for the area before we actually have to be places. I’ve had a lot of seriously n00b-y freshman moments today, which kind of sucks, but I suppose it’s all part of the learning process. In my defense as well, I will say that this campus is gigantic, and it’s not uncommon or unexpected that you will get lost at some point.

Fortunately, I am officially a music major (at least until jury next year (?), when I will officially officially be one)–yay!–so I can start getting my classes worked out. Right now it’s all a mess, but hopefully I can get that fixed tomorrow. I’ll also be beginning the wonderful trend of lengthy practices tomorrow (probably not so lengthy immediately, but definitely need to get into that soon).

Today I went to talked one of the people at the music school and got stranded there in the rain. But if I were to be stuck anywhere on campus in rain, I would want it to be in my dorm, a dining hall, or the music building. Band rehearsal was starting, and the familiar grumbling about sectionals made me feel right at home. Two old colleagues–friends, fellow students, not sure–came in, and instead of talking about their lives and hair and bodies and whatnot like many reuniting women do, they started talking about concerts they did together and fellow musicians. A couple of guys saw the rain and yelled expletives from the floor above me. It was beautiful. Musicians are the best–this completely adds to my post a couple of days ago.

After it got dark, we went to explore downtown. It had finally stopped raining, so we could walk there without too much worry. We obtained “Asian ice cream” (Sun-O, delish) and got to know each other a bit more. I originally wanted to go to school in a big city, but I feel like this small college town is a stepping-stone to that, and perhaps a much better choice considering my n00b-iness. I did want to go out-of-state, but I think I’m going to like it here.