Today was my first official day of college! Classes, a convocation, practicing–the whole shebang. And in these past few hours, I have learned several important lessons already…

Lesson #1: Practice rooms seem very inviting for naps.

Lesson #2: Never get in between a posse of cellos and the few practice rooms that are left an hour before their audition.

Lesson #3: If you sleep in a practice room, said rabid cellos will probably be angry.

Lesson #4: Practicing in the same room as a xylophone is very uncomfortable and your bow will probably hit the wall and/or stand at awkward angles and at an alarming frequency.

Lesson #5: People like to bribe you with free food to get you to come to whatever inapplicable or boring event they have planned.

Lesson #6: You walk a lot.

Lesson #7: Chinese school in college looks and smells the same as Chinese school in elementary/middle school.

Lesson #8: Ration those awkward chunks of time between classes wisely.

Lesson #9: Don’t leave your keys in your room…

Lesson #10: “Oh, this bus is going the opposite direction, but it’ll get to my stop eventually” is a really bad thought to have.

And I guarantee there will be more lessons to come.