Songs of Saturday #3

I can’t believe I’m doing another one of these so soon. I guess I haven’t been posting very much… But honestly, these are my favourite posts to do. I’ve given up on trying to introduce music and have decided to just post stuff I like a lot at the time, which is probably a lot easier for both of us. :)

1. The Age of Worry–John Mayer

This album is awesome. It’s so different from his typical style, for the most part (although he wavers a bit towards the middle), which is good. I recently bought his entire discography because it’s such chill music, and to be honest I was getting a little sick of his style around  Battle Studies. I maintain that Born and Raised and Continuum are the very best. This is probably my favourite track off the album because it’s also so full and joyous. It’s reassuring with a steady beat, and makes you feel so much happier. A good change from his usual “I miss you so much, won’t you come back and love me” deal.

2. Black Mud–The Black Keys

I’ve actually never really gotten into The Black Keys too much. But this album was on sale for $8, so I thought, what the hell. I love it. Yesterday I was walking around campus with my teal mirrored shades listening to this and feeling cool as hell. The grungy rock sound is appropriately captured in Black Mud, which is purely instrumental but awesome. I love this modern-old style, if done well, which this definitely is.

3. Oh La–Ra Ra Riot

Another indie tune, catchy, with a melody that gets easily stuck in your head. I very much enjoy songs like this, that are fairly simple but have that one aspect–a beat or a tune, maybe–that makes it stick out in your memory. In this case, it’s the little beginning repeated string riff as well as the chorus of “Oh La, we’ve got a lot to learn from each other, We’ve got to stick together.”

4. Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay–Otis Redding

A classic bluesy soul kind of song. I love the original as well as Sara Bareilles’s cover (YouTube it if you like her/this). Apart from all my indie/alt/classic rock stuff, this is my other favourite kind of music. Sometimes it seems light-years away from that, but it just makes you want to dance and/or belt it out along while feeling old-timey and classy.

5. Loud Pipes–Ratatat

Always a good one. Catchy beat and melodic line, if repetitive. Excellent background/chill music. Despite its repetitiveness, it still makes me want to dance along somehow. Although I don’t dance in public, so I guess it’s more embarrassing dance moves in my room for me.