Songs of Saturday #4 (on Sunday/Monday)

So….no updates this week. I will definitely try to make an effort at some point, but I have been very busy lately, so I’ll just throw some stuff at you and get back later. :) Enjoy this random playlist!

1. Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967–John Mayer

Another off Born and Raised. I just really love this album, and this track reminds me of Sufjan Stevens in that he likes to write songs about random people from history, although I don’t think Walt Grace is a legit historical person. But you know, it’s kinda-sorta-not-really similar…

2. Big Country–Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

I found this gem when I realized my symphony gets to perform with Bela Fleck himself next spring. I am so ridiculously nerdily excited for this. This is a beautiful live performance–kind of long but totally worth it. It also features Victor Wooten, who is incredible. So much awesomeness for one performance.

3. Movie Loves a Screen–April Smith and the Great Picture Show

I’ll be perfectly honest, I have not explored this band enough to give you an opinion of them outside of this song. But I love it so much, and it’s the perfect catchy, happy song. Also, the band name and album cover is awesome.

4. Sleepyhead (Stripped Down Version)–Passion Pit

I want to say that most people have heard this song at some point–I’m fairly certain it was featured on some commercial…I don’t know. Anyways, this is the stripped, acoustic version, and I’d venture to say I like it more than the original. Michael Angelakos actually has a very nice voice, although in the more “electrified” amped-up versions of his songs, it’s hard to tell if it’s him or simply digital altering. This version proves he has a nice falsetto and can be relaxing as well as catchy. I’m actually really eager to cover this version sometime… or I would if I could sing…

5. Nicki Minaj/Gangnam Style Mashup

Yeah, I did. I discovered this the other day and I still can’t get over it. “Gangnam Style” is so hilarious, and “Starships” is one of the few Nicki Minaj songs I can actually turn to and enjoy if I’m in that weird Nicki Minaj mood. Whoever created this mashup did a really good job, and I find it fantastic that they can actually mesh so well together for two such weird songs.