Breaking Social Norms and Other Fun Things

And so the time has come. I have officially come up with an idea for that sociology project I mentioned earlier. Singing!

So you know how flash mobs are terribly incredibly awesome? It’s basically going to be like that, except with singing. My friends and I were coming home late on a bus, and we started singing. I realized–this is breaking a social norm! People don’t sing on the bus, even at 11pm on a Friday night in a college town. Most people were kind of like, what the hell are these kids doing? But a couple even joined in. So I’ve decided to test people’s reactions to random singing in various places! We’re talking more buses, dorm hallways, dining halls, streets, downtown, etc. And the best part is, you never know when this group of singing kids is going to come and brighten your day! It’s pretty much the best surprise ever.

Obviously, I’m pretty psyched for this project, which is weird, because very rarely–if ever–do I (or most normal people) get psyched for projects. Usually there are PowerPoints or tri-fold boards or awkward speeches that everyone sleeps through involved, and I’m not really a huge fan of any of the above. I’m also psyched for a few other things.

1. Going Home

This is actually a very strange thing for me to get excited about. I live in a standard upper-middle-class suburban area. It’s very average and very boring–nice, but boring nonetheless. Our weekend activities general consist of the movies (which are expensive af, so that doesn’t happen much), Starbucks, the mall, or Target. Literally. Every week. Sometimes that’s all the excitement you need, especially if you’re with cool people, but most of the time I’m dying to get out and do something else. But ever since I decided to spend Labor Day weekend at home, I’ve been feeling increasingly nostalgic. I want to visit everyone still in high school and everyone going to the college 15 minutes away from my house. I want to get together with youth orchestra friends. I want to go to Target and Kohl’s and shop my heart out again, and I want to spend just one night lying on the couch snacking and watching TV for hours like I did…basically all summer (#noshame).

Most importantly, I want to see my pets. It’s been a month since I saw my dog, cat, and guinea pigs (yeah, they all live under our roof). This campus has gazillions of guide-dogs-in-training and guid dog puppies, and I literally want to fall over every time I see one. Dog withdrawal, man.

Oh yeah, and those family people, I guess.

2. Tonight

In approximately half an hour, I will head over to the art museum on campus for some sort of student night. I’m not entirely sure what it constitutes, but I was promised food. Also, the art museum is really awesome, and I’m not just saying that to make up for the fact I mentioned the food first (although I am really really hungry). It has a wide collection of all different types of art, from furniture to 18th-century portraits, to local folk art. Food + cool shit like that makes for a very promising night, in my opinion. Afterwards, I intend to head downtown to see some indie film with some people. I may be exhausted, but I feel so social! So that’s cool.

In case you hadn’t determined it, I’m blogging to blog. I look at my stats and my self-esteem declines. So yay, blogging! Also, in case you hadn’t noticed this either, I’ve failed miserably at WFMAD… Oh well. On the bright side, I am enjoying some wonderful music thanks to 70dayweekend, a super cool music blog and one of my followers (I’m honored, btw). Shout out to them, and thanks for brightening my day with your music choices. :)