Songs of Saturday #5: The Monday Edition (Again)

Well, would you look at that. I got so wrapped up in lazing around, shopping, attending art fairs, and basically not really doing much of anything that I completely forgot the only regular blog post I’m supposed to do. >.> I did have an excellent weekend at home, which mostly consisted of not doing anything particularly productive. On the bright side, it mostly consisted of not doing anything particularly productive! Also, I got to do my laundry for free, yay. And I also attended a local art fair with my mother, sister, and aunt, which is always very nice, even though I felt like a huge jerk for looking at every booth, marveling over the art, and then not buying anything due to the tiny detail that I can’t afford any of it. Although if I could, I would probably buy something from every single artist. Instead, I purchased two beautiful photographs from Bill Sargent and one adorable notecard of a flying angel kitty tailed by music notes by Shijun Munns, a perfect purchase since my cat is named Angelkitty (my sister named her when she was 5…)!

Anyways, here’s what we’ve got for today’s holiday. Enjoy :)

1. Crest–The Antlers

This is a beautifully dreamy song I discovered on 70dayweekend’s blog (yeah, another shout-out. I just love it a lot). I honestly don’t know anything about The Antlers, as I’ve never listened to them before “Crest,” but I might just have to, since I love this so much. The video is also fairly hypnotic, if you want to check that out.

2. Rhiannon–Fleetwood Mac

Throwback time! I’ll be honest here: I grew up listening to basically nothing but a concoction of oldies (dad) and NPR (mom). Therefore, until about middle school years, I was almost completely unaware of popular modern music. Sure, I’d heard of *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys and Britney and everyone, but I never listened to the radio or got into late ’90s, early 2000’s pop music. Unfortunately, I was also too young to either know or care about the titles of said oldies or the groups who sang them. At a young age, I knew of the Beatles, the Moody Blues, and Simon and Garfunkel, but not really much of anyone else. So when my middle school-age, pop/rap-loving sister posted a Fleetwood Mac song on Facebook the other day, I got very excited. I couldn’t think of songs I knew by Fleetwood Mac, since I never knew band names, but I was sure there were some I loved. And so I stumbled upon “Rhiannon” again, which I remember well. Maybe I should go learn some of those names now…

3. Hanging On–Ellie Goulding (The Tinie Tempah-less version)

I was pretty excited when I’d heard Ellie had released a new song, and more excited when I discovered she was coming out with a new album (Halcyon). Sadly, this first song released contained a rapper who I’m not entirely familiar with. I’m not super enthralled with rap, but I was fortunate enough to find this version with him edited out (if you want the original it’s here). I will pretty much love anything Ellie does though, unless she gets into some really weird screamo stuff (which I really can’t see happening anytime soon). 

4. Bedroom Hymns–Florence and the Machine

I was recently attempting to introduce Flo to someone who had only heard of her, and I picked this song, the last track off Ceremonials,  as a demonstration. I’m not entirely sure why, since her awesomeness can be seen even in her more frequently played songs. I really think this one captures the characteristic huge sound she always includes as well as the fiery and kind of brash lyrics and vocals. Plus it’s just really catchy, as a gospel-style song about something not so holy. So psyched to see her live in a couple of weeks. :D

5. Wolves (Act I & II)–Bon Iver

I’m a big fan of good live recordings, and I think this qualifies, especially since it’s a freaking Take-Away Show, which is basically this thing where indie bands and artists play randomly around Paris. They’re all super incredible recordings, as well as really fun to watch. Just YouTube “Take-Away Show” or “La Blogotheque,” and you’ll be sure to find videos just like this one, which happens to be Justin Vernon and the band he plays with live at a “soirée de poche,” or a “Pocket Party” playing “Wolves (Act I & II).” At some point, the other 50 people crammed into that tiny room start joining in, and the drummer decides to go crazy, and it’s just a beautiful Bon Iver fest. I still find his falsetto crazy, especially since it’s not actually that bad, just a bit odd.

I’m excited to go back to my college this afternoon, if not so excited so leave my family, miss my pets, do work, and start doing laundry for $2.50 a load again…

Happy Labor Day!