Songs of Saturday #6

1. Stay–Sara Bareilles

I recently bought this EP and I’m in love. This is what I love about her, that one minute she can be a pop queen, the next she can sing soft beautiful lullaby-type songs, and then even bluesy soul things. And she can do it well. My other favourite off the EP is “Sweet As Whole,” which she did with Ben Folds. I thought it was a love song…..but it’s not. And that makes it all the better. I would post it on here, if not for a few choice words, but if you don’t mind that sort of thing you should definitely have a listen.

2. Babys–Bon Iver

I’m not really sure what this particular video is, but the song is beautiful. I also got this EP a couple days ago, and I love it.

3. Pretend You Love Me–Sonny and the Sunsets

I stumbled upon this one and actually fell in love with the name. Not really sure why, since it’s really cheesy. But I do. This song reminds me of Bob Dylan and Jimmy Buffett, weirdly enough. I don’t know, it’s just relaxing.

4. Animal–Miike Snow

This is just so damn catchy, even though the video is hella weird. If it gets stuck in your head, I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry at all actually, because it’s awesome.

5. Let’s Dance to Joy Division–The Wombats

I don’t actually listen to Joy Division, nor do I regularly listen to The Wombats, but I do love this one, which is just a lot of catchiness packed into one song. I also enjoy their accents.

Sorry (or you’re welcome) for such a short post today. Kayaking in the rain takes a lot out of you.