Songs of Saturday #7

Today is Game Day at my school, so everyone’s getting ready in their own way. The girls on my hallway are all getting dressed up; there were taxis coming into town, probably bringing some super-fans, last night; according to Twitter, some people have been drunk since this morning and/or are getting drunk now; and I’ve got some shorts on with the school logo, if that counts. But really, I’ve just been sitting in my room all morning doing nothing. Down here, football is a big f-ing deal, and it may be a sin to say this, but… I confess, I’m not a huge fan. Of football, that is. I wasn’t raised in a football-heavy household, so maybe that’s why, but for the most part all the hype goes over my head. I’m not even entirely sure how it’s played. Hopefully none of you read this and decide to hunt me down…

Anyways, figured I’d better get a head start on this, especially since I’m going to be SO busy ALL day, tailgating and everything…not. Frankly, I’m a little afraid of all the people (especially the drunken ones) flooding in…

1. Welcome Home–Radical Face

I am absolutely, entirely, irrevocably in love with this song. It is so gorgeous and heartbreaking. He’s a little like Bon Iver mixed with Sigur Ros mixed with Beirut… indie heaven. But seriously, listen. It gets me every time. Oh, and this video is beautiful, too. I believe it was used as a promotional thing for the camera used to take the video, but… anyway, love.

2. Lonelily–Damien Rice

I was tempted to share “Cannonball,” “9 Crimes,” “Volcano,” or “The Blower’s Daughter,” but I picked this one. It’s got a DMB feel to it, and it’s damn catchy and beautiful at the same time. Don’t really know how to describe it, but I think it’s a prime example of Damien Rice’s music. But seriously, listen to those others I just mentioned, too.

3. I Don’t Know–Lisa Hannigan

Following along the Irish folk-y singer line, here’s Lisa Hannigan. She collaborated with Damien on a lot of things before. I don’t think they play together anymore, but you can hear her on “9 Crimes” and the like. This is one of her individual songs in a live recording. Basically, I think they’re all shut up in some little boxy area in a pub, just singing and playing their hearts out. I love this version because  it’s so intimate, and they look like they’re having so much fun. I’ve also decided I want to do this sometime. Who wouldn’t?

4. Alligator–Tegan and Sara

Listen, and dance. Once you get past the general weirdness of the video, of course. But basically, this is one of my favourite Tegan & Sara songs ever. I guess I need to get some more albums…. Farewell, money.

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark–Death Cab for Cutie

First off, DCfC is my favourite band. If I had to pick one, it would be a tough decision, but it would be them. Most people know this song, but this particular recording is special. Read the description. I WAS THERE. It was just him on the stage with his guitar, and it was amazing. That concert was life-changing. The end.