Songs of Way-Too-Late-to-Consider #8: Special Edition

I am just being so lazy with this… I felt bad because I absolutely flooded Facebook on Sunday and these post directly to my FB as well. And on Saturday some really awesome shit happened, namely this:

Florence and the Machine, ladies and gentlemen.

Gentle, cursing, drinking song goddess.

She ran right by us! That’s my friend’s hand.

So this was a very exciting affair that took place at Music Midtown in Atlanta. It’s basically a giant annual music festival that a lot of big names attend. Don’t hate me, but no, I did not see Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam. I saw Florence. And she was lovely. The beginning of the show did not go quite as planned… someone did not enter when they were supposed to, her mic wouldn’t work, etc. Flo apologized: “I’m sorry, we really f***ed up that opening, didn’t we? Will you give us another chance?” Which we of course did. Except for the drunken older men next to me who kept dissing her and making fun of her accent (which is glorious, btw). But the Machine pushed on and Flo spun and danced barefoot across stage and we ignored those guys and the show was fabulous. I somehow did not enjoy it quite as much as Death Cab for Cutie last year, but I still enjoyed it very very much.

So for this special edition, I would like to share my top 10 favourite FATM songs, in no particular order. Then next week I promise I’ll stop geeking out over this and get to some other things, of which I have many to share!

1. You’ve Got the Love

One of her cheerier ones. Damn catchy.

2. What the Water Gave Me

Fabulously performed at Music Midtown.

3. Heartlines

The drumline opening always makes me happy.

4. Cosmic Love

Another gorgeous one.

5. Never Let Me Go

Cannot describe how much I love this. Sad she didn’t perform this one, but it is very vocals-heavy (as are all of her songs, of course), but I guess she had a vocal cord injury earlier in the year, so she took it a bit easier on Saturday.

6. Spectrum

Once you get over her hair in this video… oh and don’t forget the shining crotch.

7. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

For this one she insisted we all lift our neighbors up on our shoulders. Then she ran down the aisle in front of me.

8. My Boy Builds Coffins

Not sure why I find this so appealing… it’s very morbid.

9. Only If For a Night

The opening act. Yay for the live harp :)

10. Dog Days Are Over

Most people know this one. The closing act. Fabulous.

There are so many more that I love, but this has been a very long post, so I’ll just ask you to go enjoy FATM yourself. :) And next Actual Saturday I will have a bit more variety and a lot less raving…