Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Some Thoughts on Prince Charming, Halloween, and NaNo


Warning: This post is going to be a random smorgasbord of various thoughts/rants/ramblings. As if any of my posts aren’t, but…still. I’d like to start by sharing the following video: I usually just watch… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #13–Halloween Edition


Lucky number 13! Perfect. Just in time for Halloween. :) Tonight’s challenge is to actually get this posted before midnight! And then do a paper before 1. I need all the support I… Continue reading

Can We Just Take A Moment?


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I just registered for classes for my second semester of freshman year in college? This is frankly fairly mind-blowing. It feels like… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #12


A miracle! It’s Saturday and I’m actually blogging. Currently sitting outside in gorgeous fall weather, procrastinating like a boss on this First Year Seminar project I have to do. I’m super good at… Continue reading

That Awkward Moment When Life Happens


Today has been a rollercoaster-y kind of day, but I ate some unhealthy food and watched Dollhouse (I love you Joss Whedon) and took a nap and am now in a much better… Continue reading

To NaNo or Not to NaNo?


Next month holds many exciting events to look forward to. There’s the small matter of Bela Freaking Fleck coming to my school, the fact that we’re performing Carmina Burana (this being the most… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #11: Classics Edition


My excuse for being late this week? I didn’t feel like doing it yesterday. Poor, I know, but thoughts like these guide (too) many of my decisions… My priorities get very mixed up… Continue reading

(Another Late) Songs of Saturday #10 and Andrew Bird


Here it is–yet another late post. I’ve been having a wonderful weekend, though, and blogging hasn’t really crossed my mind. First order of business–more music! 1. Playing for Keeps–Elle King Her voice, the beat,… Continue reading

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