(Another Late) Songs of Saturday #10 and Andrew Bird

Here it is–yet another late post. I’ve been having a wonderful weekend, though, and blogging hasn’t really crossed my mind. First order of business–more music!

1. Playing for Keeps–Elle King

Her voice, the beat, the song–everything is awesome. I wish she had some more songs out but I’ll be keeping an eye on Elle King.

2. Fitz and Dizzyspells–Andrew Bird

Not sure why I like this one so much, but I was fervently hoping it would play on shuffle and shuffle read my mind and it was wonderful. And live….amazing. But more on that later.

3. Piazza, New York Catcher–Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian are usually pretty hit or miss for me, but I will always love this one. I love the words and the simplicity and his voice.

4. Fire–Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid forever. This is off her newest album Human Again, which I honestly haven’t listened to intensely enough to know by heart like I know Be OK and Everybody… but it’ll happen.

5. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart–Elton John & Kiki Dee

I recently purchased some Elton John’s Hits album off iTunes because it was on sale and because they’re all basically classics. One of my favourites, definitely a classic.

SO BASICALLY here’s what went down this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, there was some sort of middle and high school orchestra festival going on here, so studio was canceled. My Chinese class was also canceled for some reason (not complaining). That only left my lesson, which got pushed back to the afternoon, but my teacher was freaking out about all the small children taking over the music school, so voilà! No classes for me. That left me hours of time to myself, which I (nerdily) spent locked in a practice room playing piano for a couple hours, followed by violin for another couple of hours. But honestly, I really love just playing piano for fun. I sightread Mozart   and Chopin and just have fun with it. So, afternoon well-spent. Didn’t do anything for my social life, but it was enjoyable.

Following a chill afternoon, I headed downtown to see the one and only Andrew Bird. Honestly, I was not really a fan going in. I still only own one of his albums and don’t know most of his stuff. But it’s the kind of thing where if I hear one of his songs, I will almost certainly like it, even if I don’t know it. So I had high hopes for this concert anyways. And it was fantastic. He brought out the violin and I nerded out a little bit, but then he started harmonizing his multiple violin lines, his whistling, and his xylophone playing and it was just awesome.

Mr. Bird

Whistling into his violin….wut

Then, on Thursday and yesterday, I sat in on two masterclasses done by the violinist of the Kopelman Quartet. They were pretty lengthy and had their highs and lows, but overall I actually legitimately enjoyed it. Everyone who played was excellent, and Mikhail Kopelman produced such an extraordinary sound and made it look so damn easy. Jealous. And this afternoon I get to see the quartet perform, so that should be pretty fantastic as well.

Overall, except for my brief case of insomnia and my poor decision to watch a mediocre chick flick late at night last night, this has been an amazing, music-filled weekend. Now to not die with the opera and everything this week…hurrah.