Songs of Saturday #11: Classics Edition

My excuse for being late this week? I didn’t feel like doing it yesterday. Poor, I know, but thoughts like these guide (too) many of my decisions… My priorities get very mixed up sometimes. On the bright side, Get-My-Sh*t-Together Week was a reasonable success. Did you know that making an effort to actually look kind of nice every day can really boost your self-esteem? The more you know. Anyways, accomplished most of my assignments, still have a couple of tests this week and I’m not 100% back, so I guess this begins GMST Week 2!! …Does this still mean I have to make an effort every day?

So here, Classics Edition. My definition of “classics” is probably not your definition of “classics.” Actually, it might be. Okay, my choice of “classics” might not be your choice of “classics.” I’m going along the lines of: these songs will always be good no matter what. I mean honestly, most pop songs (not all, but most) are a dime a dozen. We’re talking same chord progression, same general theme, lyrics that anyone could have come up with, etc. These are songs people (or, I will anyways) will know and remember for years and years to come. Also, I’m only picking 5. There are, of course, so many more. But here goes…

1. Here Comes the Sun–The Beatles

Probably one of the most difficult decisions of my life, just then, trying to pick which Beatles song. Let’s just say that this represents essentially the entire Beatles discography. Some of their songs will be more popular and more remembered than others, of course, but this is the definition of classic. “Let It Be,” “Come Together,” “All You Need is Love,” “Blackbird”…shall I go on?

2. Sound of Silence–Simon & Garfunkel

These guys, and this concert in particular, was my childhood. Also insert every other Simon & Garfunkel song. Also insert the fact that this happened and made me so so happy:

3. Crash Into Me–Dave Matthews Band

Is there anyone that doesn’t know it? And once you know it, is there anyone that doesn’t love it?

4. The Scientist–Coldplay

Insert comment from #3 here.

5. Sunday Morning–Maroon 5

For your Sunday morning, “Sunday Morning,” off Maroon 5’s greatest album, featuring a sound that they seem to have almost completely lost. Songs About Jane will always be the best. Side note: I really miss that one day on the roadtrip where we spent hours listening to the entire Maroon 5 discography in order and singing at the top of our lungs. Just by the by.

Can’t pick this stuff in one go in 5 songs. There will have to be more such editions. :)

And if you’re all stressed out too, join me in GMST Week! It should be a holiday. We should have the week off to get our sh*t together.