That Awkward Moment When Life Happens

Today has been a rollercoaster-y kind of day, but I ate some unhealthy food and watched Dollhouse (I love you Joss Whedon) and took a nap and am now in a much better mood. I seem to routinely have mini breakdowns before I pick myself back up, become determined that I’ll change my life for the better, and keep moving on. So here’s some advice and moral support if life happened to you, too.

1. Keep calm and carry on! So overstated, but so true. I’ve got a postcard with this phrase on my bulletin board and it’s really the best thing you could think of. Just keep swimming.

2. Listen to some really good music. Actually, it doesn’t have to be good even! Just something you like. And then, like, sing or dance or fall asleep or something to it.

3. Eat whatever the hell you want. You may feel fatter, but you will feel better. Treat yourself. It’s only one piece of pie, right? Only one, right?

4. Text your parental. #noshame

5. Find someone you can rant to. Then rant your heart out. And hope they will tolerate your ranting, because it kind of snowballs to the point where you rant all the time… Sorry, guys, you know who you are.

6. Spend some time by yourself. After you’re done ranting, separate yourself from everyone and just chill. Self-reflection sort of thing, or literally just doing nothing. I don’t know, anyone meditate?

7. Make some new rules. Here is how you will deal with this stressor from now on. Write them. Follow them. Employ someone as law enforcement so you don’t f*** it up again.

I’m no life coach or expert on life by any means, but I do believe in just sort of recharging in any way you need to, whether you’re having an issue with schoolwork, or figuring out what the hell you want to do with your life, or your social life (or lack thereof). And find someone to support you. There is always somebody. :)