Songs of Saturday #12

A miracle! It’s Saturday and I’m actually blogging. Currently sitting outside in gorgeous fall weather, procrastinating like a boss on this First Year Seminar project I have to do. I’m super good at procrastinating. Fortunately I have this blog! Here’s a short-and-sweet blog post containing some awesome music to make your (hopefully) equally relaxing Saturday more awesome. :)

1. Bear–The Antlers

Recently introduced to The Antlers, I decided to investigate further and found this. So gorgeous. And, I just realized, perfect for this kind of weather!

2. Do You Remember–Ane Brun

Small explanation of the video: This is Part 3 of a 4-part music video series Brun made. In order, they are: “Words,” “One,” “Do You Remember,” and “Worship.” So if you really want to watch them, go ahead. I watched them in order–it’s a very strange (and sad) storyline that I’m not entirely sure I understand 100% of, but it might be worth your time. I liked all the songs, as well, but this is my favourite. I also like her voice a lot.

3. I Look To You–Miami Horror (feat. Kimbra)

I can’t say I’m dying to listen to Miami Horror or similar music for hours on end, but what I have heard of them I generally like. Plus, this one has the added bonus of Kimbra, who automatically makes everything more awesome. Also, this bass line.

4. Cameo Lover–Kimbra

I try not to repeat artists in the same post, but I had to put in another word for Kimbra because I just love her so damn much. Most people know her as the woman from Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” but she can do so much more. Dying to see her live. This track is one of her best.

5. Hôtel Amour–Cœur de Pirate

And to finish off, a tango-esque French song, discovered just a few minutes ago! I’m already in love with her voice and this song. French is so beautiful and I wish I knew more of it… Ah ben. Peut-être un autre fois.

And in other exciting news, I officially have tickets to see SUFJAN STEVENS at the end of November! Super psyched. Expect another post gushing enthusiasm about the concert around then.