Songs of Saturday #13–Halloween Edition

Lucky number 13! Perfect. Just in time for Halloween. :) Tonight’s challenge is to actually get this posted before midnight! And then do a paper before 1. I need all the support I can get, guys…

I’ve spent all weekend at home and visited everyone here that I could and thoroughly enjoyed the routine mall/Target trips. It seems so normal, like I could just lapse back into this life without a second thought. I’m actually kind of afraid I’ll get sucked back into it. And I’m more hesitant to return to college tomorrow than I have been before–it’s safe and familiar in Suburbia, where you don’t have to worry about things like working out class schedules and rehearsals and intense post-grad scholarship programs and such. But…maybe that’s just because I have more stuff to do this week. Procrastination Station, right here.

So, my 13th Songs post coincides with Halloween. I guess that’s pretty cool. I might be more excited if I was actually doing anything for Halloween… I’m underage and not really a partier (I’m sure I’ve discussed how much of a life I don’t have). Actually I mostly have no real desire to hang out with drunk people or get drunk or anything like that… So far as I know I’m doing a fairly minimal, innocuous (but still pretty awesome, if I do say so myself) costume for general around-campus wear and/or sitting in one of my friends’ rooms eating candy and watching movies next Wednesday night. Leaning towards both. Pictures later.

Anywho, here’s today’s semi-Halloween-themed selection of songs:

1. Skeleton Song–Kate Nash

This actually has nothing to do with Halloween (probably none of these will…), it just talks about skeletons, which are related to Halloween. Plus it’s Kate Nash, so it’s automatically awesome.

2. Ghost–Ingrid Michaelson

Another Halloween-related creature! Also, this video, OMG.

3. The Strangest Things–Radical Face

This one is actually quite creepy, in sound and in lyrics. Definitely more Halloween appropriate. Also gorgeous. “Haunted” is another beautiful track off Ghost that fits the theme quite well.

4. Howl–Florence + the Machine

Just in case you hadn’t gotten enough Flo! :D Had to include this; the lyrics are thoroughly creepy. Also really violent…

5. All Hail Dracula!–Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin

Here, have this. Also decidedly not really Halloween-related beyond Dracula, obvi, but this is still good. The kids are kind of hilarious and annoying combined. If you like it, the studio version is a bit more upbeat at a faster tempo.

6. Paint It Black–The Rolling Stones

A rare sixth song! This occurred to me and I really wanted to include it. Aaaand still not Halloween-related. I tried…….

AND I ALMOST MADE SATURDAY. Ah well. Happy early Halloween! :)