Songs of Saturday #14

Had another usual lazy morning in which I sat around and did absolutely nothing for an hour before finally getting my ass up to do necessary things like shower and eat… While I was sitting around idly, I definitely brainstormed a bunch of things to blog about. Currently drawing a blank. So here, have some songs first:

1. Pinesong–A Fine Frenzy

I saw this album on iTunes, cheap, and was at first skeptical about buying it, since I do like A Fine Frenzy, but I’m not a super fan and have limited music funds (sadface. Donations accepted gratefully). It’s definitely not a genius album, but it is quite good and contains a lot of really beautiful things. Incidentally, it is also really good to listen to while walking outside in crisp fall weather.

2. Down to the River to Pray–Alison Krauss

I may not be religious, but I still appreciate the beauty of this traditional song. It’s been stuck in my head for past couple of days. If I had my own chorus we would totally sing this. All the time.

3. Danse Caribe–Andrew Bird

Recently received Break It Yourself from a friend after we both attended the Andrew Bird concert a few weeks ago. I recognized this song from the concert, but it couldn’t touch the awesomeness of hearing it live. So here is this recording from Austin City Limits, which I sadly could not attend but perhaps hope to someday. I love watching him play violin so much, and this track contains a few very excellent violin passages. Look at those broken bow hairs. Fun fact: Those orange drums were about 10 feet away from me.

4. Glósóli–Sigur Ros

Absolutely breathtaking–the song, the video, the everything. Have I ever mentioned that I want to go Iceland, like a lot? Probably wouldn’t want to live there… I mean, the name of the country contains the word “ice.” I feel like Iceland and I would not work out in the long-term. But visiting? Yes, please. Everything I’ve seen of it is gorgeous. Plus it churns out some damn good musicians. Also, I wish I could fly.

5. Fortune Days–The Glitch Mob

And now for something completely different! Perhaps this will motivate me to get something done today.

So NaNo is coming along swimmingly. I’m up to 3671 words, even though I have not yet started today’s writing. My NaNo profile is here if for whatever reason you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing, or if you want to keep me in check on the word count. That would probably actually be super helpful.

I also finally accomplished the breaking-norms part of that project I’ve been mentioning. It went less than perfect, but I’m sure I can make it work. We did get some excellent responses, including–but not limited to–dirty looks, smiles, feigned apathy, a salute, and one enthusiastic table drummer. As an example, here is a picture of a bus we’d been singing on after it stopped at the next available stop:

To be fair, there had only been about 5 people on to begin with. But still. Correlation or causation?

Finally, Tuesday is Election Day! We all know which way I lean, but I honestly don’t care who you’re voting for–just go out and vote. Express your opinion. Exercise your right as an American with someone who has a say in their government. It may not seem like much, but it’s one of the most important things you can do, and I encourage everyone to take the smallest amount of time and go do it!