An Open Letter to Everyone Bitter About the Election

Dear Everyone Bitter About the Election,

Let’s get a few things straight here. I’d like to open by making a promise that I will not lord President Obama’s victory over Governor Romney. I will not run up to you and laugh in your face. I probably won’t even say anything to you. Yes, I may high-five, send messages to, or make enthusiastic calls to fellow Obama supporters, but I’m not going to hold it over your head. Why? Because that would be immature, childish, and completely unnecessary. Just like if Romney had won, I would not have lamented the death of America and gone around wearing black and crying apocalypse. Why? Because that would also be immature, childish, and unnecessary.

So you’re disappointed that your candidate was not chosen to lead this country. That’s fine. You have every right to express your disappointment. But here are some guidelines I’d like to set down when you’re discussing the election with me and, likely, most other Obama supporters.

First, be respectful. I admit that I am not always, and have not always been, completely respectful in my talk about Romney, Bush, Cheney, and many of the conservative politicians. Yes, my family does, on occasion, refer to Bush as “Shrub.” I’m sorry for that, and I will try to refrain from using such demeaning nicknames towards them and others. I suggest you do the same. Please do not refer to our President as “Osama,” “Hitler,” “BO,” “that communist,” or any other such things. Take the time to refer to him by his title or his actual name. You can disagree with his policies without treating him like dirt. Remember all of these people are human beings as well, and just because we have free speech doesn’t mean you can go around badmouthing our President. If you want to talk bad about him, please save it for someone other than me, anyways.

Second, get your facts straight. Barack Obama was born in America. He is a heterosexual, Christian, real, live human being. He is not a socialist, communist, dictator, Muslim, homosexual hologram, and it is rude and demeaning to refer to him as such just to put him in a bad light. He is not going to introduce Sharia law into the government or kill kittens or anything of that nature. Not to mention that it’s not a bad thing to be socialist, communist, Muslim, or gay (the other two we might have some issues with, I will admit).

Finally, let’s start moving on, shall we? Nothing is going to get accomplished if we all just sit around bitching about things. That goes for both sides of the aisle. I suggest that we all start cooperating, and maybe there can be concessions, achievements, or compromises for both parties. Please try to support your President as the President of the United States. You don’t have to agree with every word that comes out of his mouth. I certainly don’t. But the best thing we can all do is try to move forward as a united nation.

You might be sitting there thinking, “Well, she wouldn’t be saying this if Obama had lost.” I’d like to think I would. I’d probably be saying other things as well, but I also wouldn’t be saying them to your face. I would not be disrespectful to you or Romney or anyone else. Frankly, I’m very proud of our nation in other ways as well. Marriage equality gained new ground, with same-sex marriage being approved in three states; the first openly gay person and the first Asian-American woman were elected to the senate; and the senate now contains the most women it has in history. Maybe you still disagree with these newly elected politicians’ policies, but can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’re making history here? I think that’s pretty cool.

All I’m asking is that we all stop being melodramatic and focus on the issues ahead. Obama’s not going to destroy the world in one fell swoop, nor is he going to save all of humanity. He’s not a king or a totalitarian dictator; remember he’s also got the legislation (which, I’ll remind you, still consists of a Republican House and a Democratic Senate) and the judiciary to balance him out. We tend to overemphasize the President’s power. Yes, he is an extremely powerful man. Yes, he does have control of a lot of things. But the Founding Fathers also wrote in some things into the Constitution preventing him from being all-powerful. Congress also has a tremendous amount of power, as does the Supreme Court. Obama is not going to single-handedly change all the country’s laws and implement new policies in his first week, just like Romney could not have changed everything in a single day either. That’s just not how it works.

I have done my best to try not to offend anyone in writing this letter, and I apologize if I have. Feel free to disagree with me on issues and policies, but please, let’s be in agreement about basic rules of respect, etc And if you would like to somehow contact me privately and engage in an intelligent, articulate, genuine political discussion (not “You are so stupid you commie,” or “we’ll see what you say when he destroys the country” or anything like that, please), I am totally open to that.