Songs of Saturday #15 (Long Songs Edition)

It’s been an eventful past few days. I’ve reached Season 4 of Parks and Rec (OMG), gotten a day ahead on NaNo, and met Bela Fleck after an incredible performance with the Marcus Roberts Trio (“Find me when I come to play with your orchestra next semester,” he said. “Remind me we met,” he said. OMG).

I’m usually not one for autographs, but this was still pretty damn cool.

One of my creeper pictures.

Anyways, in order to make up for missing yesterday and neglecting to blog since the election, here is a compilation of really long songs that are also extraordinarily good.

1. Impossible Soul–Sufjan Stevens

25 minutes

This is a magical song, if incredibly long. The different themes each show something different but Sufjan manages to unify them beautifully. I’m incredibly psyched to see him live in a couple of weeks.

2. Piano Concerto in A Minor, Mvt. I–Edvard Grieg

10 minutes

Decidedly less long than “Impossible Soul,” but probably more wonderful. Sorry, Sufjan, but let’s face it–this is Grieg. It is one of my life goals to be able to play this concerto. But that cadenza… Agh.

3. Hole in the Ocean Floor–Andrew Bird

8 minutes

My songs seem to be decreasing in length, but this is a supremely good song. I’m jealous of his violin skills, even though he doesn’t play classical music. If it wasn’t clear how much I love him already.

4. Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet–Sergei Prokofiev

30 minutes

Because this is just a collection of excerpts, this recording is only half an hour long, as opposed to the entire 2.5-hour long ballet (which I have actually not taken the time to listen to in its entirety). I played this last year in my All-State orchestra, and it was so much fun to do. Prokofiev can get weird, but this ballet is absolutely perfect. You should also listen to Tchaikovsky’s Overture Romeo and Juliet, which cannot really be compared to Prokofiev’s, in my opinion, because I’m in love with both of them.

5. American Pie–Don McLean

8.5 minutes

A classic. And yes, I can sing along to the whole thing.

Finally, Happy Veterans’ Day. I may not agree with every (or any) war or conflict we get involved in, but I support our soldiers and veterans (including my father) every step of the way.