10 Signs That It’s Winter Break

1. You set your clock for 10:30 because you probably should get up and do something at some point… But instead you slept in til noon with no consequences.

2. You actually have time to scroll all the way through your Facebook news feed, because realistically, you have nothing better to do.

3. Sometimes you think that there might be some sort of schoolwork to get ahead on or catch up on… but there’s not!

4. You’ve been watching 30 Rock at such high volumes that when you actually finished all the episodes on Netflix, you didn’t even realize it.

5. You made cookies last night for absolutely no reason!

<3 <3 <3

6. You’ve been actually fairly productive, even in Dobby T-shirt and yoga pants.

7. The most physical exertion you participated in yesterday was putting up the Christmas tree.

8. The biggest cause of anxiety of the past few days was what restaurant to go to, when to go, and with whom.

9. The amount of guilt you felt from only practicing an hour and a half is minimal. Like, way down there.

10. You can spend your mornings eating, blogging, and listening to Sufjan Stevens Christmas music without a care in the world. :)