Let’s Talk About Food!

It’s a well-known fact that I am a big fan of food. It began a few years ago, when my mother began to accuse me of “being obsessed with food.” Being the insecure high school freshman that I was, I vehemently denied this accusation. Now I embrace it as part of my personality.

By no means am I a large person, but I do enjoy eating. It’s kind of bad, but at the same time, it’s kind of wonderful. That’s why this time of year is so spectacular: there’s so much food! All the time! And usually, if you’re social and go to parties and stuff, it’s free. Which is possibly even better.

Going to parties often also requires making/bringing food, so that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Here I will attempt to give some sort of idea of the more or less wonderful food coming out of my kitchen.

We began with the Spicicles.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the recipe for these, because I did not make them. That credit goes to my wonderful mother. Instead, I will bombard you with pictures of the deliciousness. They’re more or less not-super-sweet cookies with dried fruits and nuts and such rolled in powdered sugar.

Next the Peppermint Swirl Cookies.

I created these as presents for some close friends of mine. This recipe involves rolling up two different colored dough parts together jelly-roll-style to create the swirl. Unfortunately, I kind of sucked at that, so some of them turned out a little funky. I also was not aware that these were sandwich cookies and made an overabundance of the peppermint frosting (which is delicious, btw), so we have a ton left over… You probably won’t need as much as the recipe calls for unless you rolled the logs right and got a ton of cookies. Also, bake them for as long as they say… They may look underdone but they’re probably okay. And if you leave them in any longer, they might turn out a little hard…Oops.

Recipe here.

Finally, some Cheese Puffs.

I made these way back in the day for some French food day, and they were memorable enough to be made again. Still getting used to the stove, so unfortunately these turned out a little harder than I would have liked too… but at least they taste good!

Recipe here. (I’m aware mine look NOTHING like the picture…)

Hopefully more edible things will be produced sometime in the near future, after which I will definitely share the results.

And of course, in honor of the Apocalypse That Didn’t Happen, an end-of-the-world song!