So This is the New Year

Well…. not yet. But we’re close. And no, Ben Gibbard, I won’t feel any different.

Twitter is a magical place where people like to discuss every thought that occurs to them (yes, I am guilty of this, too). One such thought that I’ve seen a few times is that some hope 2013 will be a lot better than 2012. I completely agree with them, but perhaps not in the way they mean. In 2012, I graduated from high school, went on an epic road trip, traveled to New York twice, stuck another hole in my ear, started college, met a lot of awesome people, made and kept a lot of awesome friends, played some fabulous concerts, saw some fabulous concerts, spent a lot of hours practicing, and began planning out my future (a scary but probably necessary process…as is practicing). Don’t get me wrong–I’ve still got a lot of rough edges–but I like to think I managed this year pretty well and grew up a lot. So yes, I hope 2013 is even better than 2012. I hope it kicks 2012’s ass.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m pretty bad at keeping New Year’s resolutions. I couldn’t even tell you what my resolution for 2012 was. So this year, I’m keeping it pretty simple. Instead of making a list of everything I hope to change about myself, I’m going to live by two simple words: Do More. I feel like this covers a lot of things–Exercise More, Join More Clubs, Make More Friends, Meet More People, Try More, Practice More, Discover More Music, Travel More, Make More Money, Write More, Read More (it also covers Eat More, Shop More, and Watch More Netflix, but…that’s beside the point). Mostly I want to Live More, taking one day at a time, but without losing sight of my lofty-yet-not-impossible goals for the future. It’ll be a tough resolution to keep, and I’ll be pushing myself a lot, but I feel like this is the best thing I can focus on at the moment.

So no, at midnight tonight, I won’t feel any different. I won’t feel like the universe has shifted in any direction. I won’t feel like a whole new person, and I probably won’t feel ready to take on any challenges quite yet (I also won’t be kissing anyone–condolence high fives, anyone?–but I digress). But I hope for a gradual change, and that at this exact time next year, on December 31, 2013, I will be able to say I’ve become a better, different person.

We always tell ourselves at the beginning of the year that THIS year is going to be different, THIS year we’re going to go to the gym everyday and diet and find love and usually not much changes after all. I’m hoping that these won’t be empty words, and that we will all make improvements in our lives in our everyday efforts to become better people. Have a safe New Year’s Eve (staying alive would be an awesome way to start off 2013), a painless New Year’s Day, and an amazing year full of music, laughter, love, and adventure. :)


Picture taken from Vienna Teng