Songs of Saturday #23

Finally, the end of an immensely stressful, crazy week that involved a billion rehearsals, practicing, interesting discoveries, social interactions, and the loss and recovery of my phone. It’s been fun, let me tell you.

And so I end this week with some much-needed, very chill music. Expect a longer post tomorrow-ish?

1. Hoppipolla–Sigur Ros

The most adorable video to ever exist paired with a beautiful song. They will also be at Coachella and I die a little everytime I think about it. Crying a little at everything.

2. Angels–The xx

Off the new album, Coexist, which I admit I have not listened to extensively but which still seems quite wonderful. The xx will also be at Coachella. *continues to cry*

3. I’ll Fly Away–Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch

This got stuck in my head for some reason today. I love these women. Sometimes they can get a bit country for me, but I do love a certain amount of bluegrass. And Alison Krauss is basically perfect, so.

4. Home–Gabrielle Aplin

She looks so young! Another Birdy, perhaps? But this is still a gorgeous, occasionally tear-inducing song.

5. Dead in the Water–Ellie Goulding

I repeat, can I be her? Love love love. This is kind of a weird song–creepy in lyrics, but beautiful in harmonies, etc. But I still like it a lot. :)

Tomorrow expect me ranting from the soapbox yet again. Hopefully. Maybe.