Keep Breathing (Songs of Saturday #24)

We’ve finally arrived at the end of an absolutely crazy week full of practicing, homework, and rehearsals. I’ve basically been living in the orchestra pit of the Fine Arts theatre for the past week or so, but the Magic Flute is in full swing. Opening night was last night, and it ended up going pretty well. Two more shows, and then I’ll be back to regular, slightly stressful (as opposed to actually dying from overexertion) rehearsal schedule.

In the meantime, I’ve actually weirdly had somewhat of a social life, if you count rehearsals as social gatherings. I had one of my dear road trip friends come visit me last weekend, during which we spent a lot of money (all on food, mind you), ate a lot of food, and had some great adventures. I’ve made it to shows and concerts on top of everything else without dying. I even managed to find time to finally buy a new pair of headphones yesterday. Granted, this has all taken a toll on my mental faculties (the small amount of common sense I have is declining even further), but it’s been fun.

I even realized that I’m more or less indifferent to Valentine’s Day. As a Perpetually Single person (it’s a very serious condition), I, needless to say, was “alone” on Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day/Anna Howard Shaw Day. However, I did get a kick out of a lot of the internet valentines floating around, received chocolate from a friend and flowers from my family, and managed to not wallow in any way. I also had a hot date with my violin, as we had yet another rehearsal on Valentine’s Day evening. I guess as long as I can interact with people and eat chocolate, I’m set for this holiday.

I’ve been such a slacker on the blogging (Mozart and Socrates take up a lot of time, yo), so I’m sorry for all the possibly unnecessary information about my life I’m throwing at you right now. Everything’s slowly settling down to normal stress levels after Hell Week, so ranting (as per usual) is fairly cathartic. With stress and homework comes a lot of YouTube exploration (procrastination), so I’ve got a pretty good lineup this week, I think.

1. Reckoning Song (One Day)–Asaf Avidan

Okay, okay, so it might take a little while to get used to this guy’s voice. But once you get over its strangeness, I think it’s easy to appreciate the beauty of this song. He’s so passionate, and he only needs his voice to show it. It was basically love at first listen for me. Plus he has rocking hair.

2. High Tide–Cara Dillon

I actually discovered this song in middle school and forgot about it until recently, when I was in a contemporary-Celtic-music-at-2am mindset (yeah, that happens to me). It’s also incredibly beautiful, but in a completely different way than Avidan’s.

3. Iscariot–WALK THE MOON

I recently purchased their self-titled album, and this is easily the most beautiful track on there. I’m also a huge fan of “Next in Line,” “Shiver Shiver,” and “Tightrope,” but in a completely different way. This one shows they can completely change moods from their usual catchy, upbeat stuff, and do it well.

4. Long Time Traveller–The Wailin’ Jennys

Following the Celtic music theme, there’s also this. A cappella, gorgeous, perfectly harmonized. It doesn’t get better than this, guys.

5. Closer–Tegan and Sara

I’m sad to say I haven’t bought the whole album yet, just gotten this one track for free. And it’s catchy and awesome, and I still love them.  (Incidentally, these new headphones have amazing bass. This is fantastic.)

Hopefully I’ll start writing regularly again, with significantly less stress and ranting. And eating. There’s been a lot of eating this week.