Songs of Saturday #25

One more week until spring break! We’re in the home stretch, and I find YouTube’s been a really good friend lately. That’s where you find masterpieces such as this:

Erm… But there’s also other stuff…

1. Good Intent–Kimbra 

She’s so damn classy. And perfect. And she should get way more credit beyond “Somebody That I Used to Know”–which I do like, but still. Love this so much.

2. If I Ever Feel Better–Phoenix

Fingers crossed I’ll get to go see Phoenix in a couple months! Their oddly written lyrics in slightly broken English are balanced by amazingly perfect driving music. Excited for the new album. ^^

3. Wonderwall–Cat Power (Oasis cover)

Cat Power is one I discovered a while ago and have neglected for some time, but who I don’t love any less. Here’s her cover of Wonderwall. So minimalistic and so beautiful.

4. Don’t Panic–Coldplay

There are kind of no words for this song. I seriously need to get more into their older stuff. Mylo Xyloto is perfectly fine, but this one song tops that whole album.

5. Hey, Asshole–Watsky ft. Kate Nash

Disclaimer: I am not a rap fan by any stretch of the imagination. But for whatever reason, this has been constantly replayed for the past week or so. I think it might just be because Kate Nash is in it or that the video is absolutely adorable. Whatever it is, IT’S AMAZING.

I’ve also decided that I don’t think Hell Week is a thing because I can’t put my finger on one specific Hell Week I’ve experienced. This has kind of been Hell Half Month. I’m excited to take a week off from everything, go home, and be a vegetable. Be warned, parents.