Songs of Saturday #26


Things I have accomplished thus far:

1) Seeing my family and pets for the first time in a few months.

2) Rapidly consuming a cannoli.

3) Finishing Lie to Me.

4) Rereading Looking for Alaska.


And that’s about it. And I’m perfectly content to say that that’s all I’ve done for the past day and a half. People are posting about all of their adventures in faraway lands and I don’t even care. I’d much rather just chill here. Granted, I’m already wishing Suburbia were a bit livelier, but I can manage for a week. And my teachers have still decided homework is a good idea over break, so it’s not like I have nothing to do (sigh).

So between procrastinating during midterms and the free time I’ve had so far, I’ve managed to pick out a pretty good lineup this week, I think. Hopefully this week will also yield some more interesting, thoughtful posts besides here-have-some-music. :)

1. The Fall–Rhye

I initially discovered this through an NPR article. Obviously, I had to check it out to see how womanly this man allegedly sounded like. Consequently, I found this and fell in love a little. It’s pretty and relaxing, and he does have a rather excellent voice.

2. The Stable Song–Gregory Alan Isakov

This is something completely different from Death Cab’s “Stable Song” (which I also love very much). And it’s wonderful. So wonderful it was hard to stop listening to it for a while there. Another one that makes me wish I knew how to play banjo. And, you know, guitar. That would be a good start, too…

3. Michigan–The Milk Carton Kids

Was recently introduced to this group. Not only did I immediately fall in love with their sound, I also rediscovered my intense love for Simon and Garfunkel, to whom they often seem to be compared (The 1981 concert in Central Park. Go watch it. Now). Will definitely keep an eye on them.

4.  Reptilia–The Strokes

Note to self: do more intense listening to The Strokes. I really do like them a lot, I just have to be in the right mood/mindset for them. But this is pretty much always awesome, soooo

5. In My City–Ellie Goulding

I definitely have an I-post-way-too-much-Ellie-on-here problem. But that’s totally okay, because she’s awesome. So here’s this, which is sadly NOT on my edition of Halcyon, but which Pandora has been kind enough to send my way a time or two.

So here are some songs that you hopefully will find appealing. A really great post will be in the works for this upcoming week. Promise (so much pressure eep).