Songs of Saturday #27

Aaaand of course I’m late again. What else is new? I wasn’t even going to update this week, before I remembered I’ve been dying to post some of these.

Quick note to any and all readers of this blog: Thank you. I know I’m no Internet sensation, but to watch the views on this blog shoot up because of one little post was mind-boggling. I created this blog for myself mostly, and I never imagined that any more than 30 or so of my friends would ever want to take the time to read what I write. So that’s been cool. I can feel my head expanding as we speak.

1. Now I’m All Messed Up–Tegan & Sara

This song. Off their new album, Heartthrob (from which I may have already posted something), this is absolutely heartbreaking. I don’t know if I have a favorite off the album yet, but this one is steadily rising to the top.

2. Cardboard Castles–Watsky

Probably one of my favorite Watsky songs. And yes, I’m including him again, because I’m still astonished I could like any kind of rap. But his are plain, honest, and witty. Also, this video is adorable.

3. Half Acre–Hem

May or may not have teared up upon hearing this song from time to time. I desperately want to cover this at some point, if I can. It’s the simplicity of it all that’s so perfect. And I die a little when the clarinet comes in.

4. 3055–Ólafur Arnalds

It begins softly and simply before eventually swelling into a beautiful instrumental chorus at the end. And then the pizzicato at the end… *dead* And then it makes me wonder why the hell Iceland churns out such good music ALL the time. Can I please move there and magically become an amazing musician as well? On second thought, I might just visit. I mean, ICEland… *shudders*

5. Suffocation Keep–The Slip

If you don’t get the first line stuck in your head on repeat at some point…I don’t even know. Another quietly gorgeous song.

At some point today, I’m off to a masterclass with David Perry of the Aspen String Trio (woot) before a lot more violin-ing and studying and such. And the world turned.