13 Albums You Need to Listen To (Like, Now)

I sat down at my computer to write a philosophy paper and as usual got very distracted. This time it was by the idea that there are just some albums I’ve encountered that I can sit down and listen to all the way through and be unreasonably happy THE WHOLE TIME. Literally, the whole thing as a unit is perfect, as are the individual songs. Not really sure why I love them so much, but here are 12 such albums.

So without further ado, in no particular order:

1. Plans–Death Cab for Cutie


Everything about this album is perfect. My favorite album from my favorite band–what more could you want? I couldn’t tell you why I love it so much, but I also couldn’t tell you my favorite song off it (um, all of them please), if that says anything about anything. (but really, let’s talk about “Marching Bands of Manhattan,” “Summer Skin,” “Brothers on a Hotel Bed,” “Stable Song,” “What Sarah Said,” “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”…)

2. Continuum–John Mayer


Literally every song on here is so catchy. They all have that easy, almost jazzy feel to them. John Mayer may be an alleged ass, but I stand by the fact that I’m still in love with his music. “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” live, anyone? Ugh. (Note: Born and Raised comes in a close second for favorite album, though)

3. Bon Iver–Bon Iver

bon iver

Any good mainstream-hipster-music-lover knows and loves Bon Iver. Justin Vernon’s voice could probably reduce literally anyone to tears (am I right about this, guys?). I do love For Emma, Forever Ago, but this album has lulled me to sleep probably millions of times, and I’m deeply in love with every track.

4. Lungs–Florence and the Machine


She’s been accused of having all of her songs sound the same. And they definitely all have the same formula (except “Kiss With A Fist”), but it’s a damn good formula. Plus, girl can sing, so I continue to love everything Flo does. Lungs has the most variety, to me, so showcasing everything Flo can do. It’s just pretty great in general.

5. Ghost–Radical Face

ghost radical face

This guy, Ben Cooper, is sorta kinda known. Maybe. I dunno, I think this album is beautiful. Confession: “Welcome Home” sometimes makes me cry.

6. Gossamer–Passion Pit


This looped in my car for God knows how long. I actually like it quite a lot more than Manners for some reason. It’s just overall beautiful.

7. Made of Bricks–Kate Nash

made of bricks

She’s cute, she’s quirky, she’s very British, and she can definitely sing. KATE NASH, FOLKS. She’s pretty wonderful. My Best Friend is You got a little weird for me, and I hear Girl Talk is weirder yet, but I still love basically every song on this album. Almost everything is catchy and upbeat, even if it’s got shades of darkness behind it.

8. Halcyon–Ellie Goulding


One of these days I might shut up about this album. Also good for looping in the car. Not really sure why this one captured my attention so much, but I love everything about it. I feel like it merges a lot of aspects of her musical personality to create something great.

9. Songs About Jane–Maroon 5

songs about jane

Always a classic. This is Maroon 5 at their very best, in my opinion–Overexposed did not nearly live up to the creative standards this one set. This probably accompanied my driving for at least a solid two or three months, not to mention the sheer volume of Maroon 5 that was played on the road trip this past summer. It’s just too perfect.

10. A Rush of Blood to the Head–Coldplay

a rush of blood to the head

While we’re talking classics… I think this is my favorite Coldplay album. Maybe. I DON’T KNOW. IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE. Like Maroon 5, their earlier stuff was much better, but I’ll still love nearly everything they do.

11. Suego Faults–Wolf Gang

suego faults

I’ve definitely fangirled about Wolf Gang on here before, but let me reiterate: THEY’RE AWESOME. Suego Faults is their only album thus far, and I can’t wait to hear more. Perfect catchy indie rock band.

12. Vows–Kimbra


Fact: Kimbra Johnson is a flawless human being. She’s good live, she’s good on album. She can improvise and create something awesome, as shown hereVows is too wonderful.

13. Woman–Rhye

Layout 1

The word that comes to mind to describe this album is “sensual.” That sounds so weird, but it’s true. Everything is smooth and calming and classy. I don’t even know. Just listen. And don’t be frightened by the cover (even though I feel like people are judging me when I listen to it in public) or scared away by the countless YouTube ads. IT’S GOOD, I PROMISE.

I hope you appreciate yet another edition of me fangirling over music.


Also, feel free to let me know of any albums you think I need to listen to in order to live/love/thrive/be a successful human being! Also, this is only 13 of my very favorites–the very beginning!–so expect more posts like this…