Songs of Saturday #28

Yeah, okay, it’s Sunday. But to be fair:

1) I haven’t done one of these in a while.

2) Netflix kicked me off.

3) I have a lot of really good things to share. :D

So here goes!

1. Never Wanted Your Love–She & Him

She & Him consists of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, and together they’re basically perfect. Zooey’s got that old-timey voice I can only dream about, and their songs have that classic feel to them as well. This one gets stuck in my head more often than not and inspires spastic dancing.

2. I Am Not A Robot–Marina & the Diamonds

I’ve been quickly falling in love with Marina Diamandis. She’s got such a unique personality and can create this wonderful bubblegum pop that has this dark, weird side to it. This is definitely one of my favorites.

3. Johnnie–Swear and Shake

I got so close to seeing them live a little while ago. In preparation, I started listening to everything. Long story short, I unfortunately did not get to attend the show, but I was still left with an awesome new music discovery. Their live recordings seem to be the absolute best though :)

4. Personal–Stars

This is a really cool/sad/mildly creepy one. I don’t know Stars extensively, but the unique form of this definitely caught my attention.

5. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?–Jet

And then there’s this. Did I already mention spastic dancing…? Because I feel a little bit of that coming on…

So yeah, there’s some more stuff I like. Life update coming soon, hopefully! Keep on keeping on