More Food!

The other night, I was informed that it was my turn to make dinner. I turned to some vegetarian cookbooks and came up with some lovely faux-Asian food!

I guess I need to work on my cooking skills, because all in all, this meal took approximately 3 hours to make… I’m no chef, but it was actually way more fun than effort to create this! …That doesn’t mean this’ll become a habit or anything.

Then yesterday, I had some friends over. Originally we were supposed to have a baking day, but hot ovens and 90-degree Georgia summers don’t really mix, so I made some no-bake German chocolate cake pudding!

It turned out a little sweeter and a little less pudding-y than I’d hoped, but it was still pretty satisfying.

So this is how my summer’s been going so far… I’ve been able to see some high school friends and such, as well as occasionally getting together with my friends from college. I actually go back next week to work at a summer music camp for a week, and I can’t wait! Not really sure I’m excited to face those lofted beds again so soon though…