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These are a few of my favorite links…

Cook And They’ll Come –Food Blog!

Agloe or Bust! –From my epic senior road trip, my first real attempt at blogging for the masses. No new posts will ever occur, probably, since this blog was solely for sharing updates on the trip, but it is definitely worth reading about our adventures and checking out the photos, if I do say so myself. :)

Audrey–An Asian-American women’s magazine out of California. It covers fashion and beauty as well as prominent Asian-Americans in society, literature, popular culture, the media, etc. I was introduced in middle school and love it. Represent!


Gotta Be A String Player–The other part of my life.

Humans of New York–True confessions: My life plan is to finish my necessary schooling, then spend a good chunk of my life moving around from city to city. Might do a blog post on this later. BUT the Big Apple is so on that list of cities, and this is an example why. I really love people sometimes.

Thought Catalog–There are so many things on here relative to my life, so many things that are not, and so many things I hope never will be. But a lot of it is still very entertaining and thought-provoking, and I spend way too much time reading strangers’ personal stories. It’s kind of wonderful.