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Summer Update


I have missed a whole month of blogging! This is starting to be like my old diary… we all know how THOSE turned out. Having failed to obtain a summer job (#successstory), I… Continue reading

More Food!


The other night, I was informed that it was my turn to make dinner. I turned to some vegetarian cookbooks and came up with some lovely faux-Asian food! I guess I need to… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #28


Yeah, okay, it’s Sunday. But to be fair: 1) I haven’t done one of these in a while. 2) Netflix kicked me off. 3) I have a lot of really good things to… Continue reading

I’m Done!


It’s official, folks–as of about 10pm last night, I’m completely done with my first year of college! This is both thrilling and terrifying, because that just means I’m one step closer to my… Continue reading

13 Albums You Need to Listen To (Like, Now)


I sat down at my computer to write a philosophy paper and as usual got very distracted. This time it was by the idea that there are just some albums I’ve encountered that… Continue reading

I Love My Life


It’s been a while since I’ve opened up this “New Post” window. Actually, false: I’ve opened it several times. However, I haven’t quite found the words to say. There’s been so much going… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #27


Aaaand of course I’m late again. What else is new? I wasn’t even going to update this week, before I remembered I’ve been dying to post some of these. Quick note to any… Continue reading

The Truth About Adoption


I’m sitting alone in the dining hall at one of those two-person tables, browsing the NPR site, catching up on world news, and attempting to eat undercooked green beans in a socially acceptable… Continue reading

7 Things I’ve Accomplished Over Spring Break


1. I climbed another mountain! A friend and I took a couple hours to walk up this mountain not far from where I live.┬áThis one was slightly bigger than the one my subdivision… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #26


WE MADE IT. I’M OFFICIALLY ON SPRING BREAK. Things I have accomplished thus far: 1) Seeing my family and pets for the first time in a few months. 2) Rapidly consuming a cannoli.… Continue reading

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