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Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Steubenville – Ohio Office of Redevelopment Six years ago, I was raped. I’ve never been able to call it that or say the word out loud, not even…

Why I Do What I Do


There is little, if nothing, appealing about standing in locking yourself in a room for hours at a time, just to wear yourself out and make yourself frustrated and anger. And yet, zillions… Continue reading

The Trouble With Blogging


There’s a serious condition afloat around the world. It moves from person to person, causing them (and indirectly, their friends and families) frustration, anger, guilt, and serious stress. It can affect young and… Continue reading

Hello world!


Here it is! The newest addition to the blogging world. I guess I’ll first get over the amusing sound the word “blog” makes and introduce myself… I’m J, an aspiring college student and… Continue reading

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