(Another Late) Songs of Saturday #10 and Andrew Bird


Here it is–yet another late post. I’ve been having a wonderful weekend, though, and blogging hasn’t really crossed my mind. First order of business–more music! 1. Playing for Keeps–Elle King Her voice, the beat,… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #9


Between the sickness and the throngs of people flooding the streets, I have been lazy beyond belief today. Not to mention the fact that my roommate’s sick too. It’s fairly pitiful, actually. Needless… Continue reading

10 Girls’ Fashion Trends I Don’t Understand


First off, being sick sucks. I’ve been congested and coughing and treated like a social pariah, so yay for that… Being confined to my room on drugs has weirdly not helped though. Instead,… Continue reading

Songs of Way-Too-Late-to-Consider #8: Special Edition


I am just being so lazy with this… I felt bad because I absolutely flooded Facebook on Sunday and these post directly to my FB as well. And on Saturday some really awesome… Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Chocolate is the Greatest Food on Earth


1. It’s delicious. ‘Nuff said. 2. You can literally put it on everything. It won’t necessarily taste good (*cough cough bacon shake cough cough*), but it’s the thought that counts, right? 3. What… Continue reading

Why I Do What I Do, Part 2


I promise at some point I’ll stop doing “Part 2″s to things, but I swear this one is really necessary. Lately this has been happening a lot: ; But in all honesty, I’ve… Continue reading

My Life As A Quasi-Hipster


What is a hipster? Urban Dictionary tells us that “hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of… Continue reading

Songs of Saturday #6


1. Stay–Sara Bareilles I recently bought this EP and I’m in love. This is what I love about her, that one minute she can be a pop queen, the next she can sing soft… Continue reading

The Horrors and Pains of Ear Training (with a surprise cameo)


I just wanted to take a quick moment to whine about something called Ear Training, in which one identifies intervals and such via listening. I was fortunate enough to get out of Theory… Continue reading

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