Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Feeling Crafty


Today I came home from my lesson in a weirdly good mood (especially considering I brought the WRONG CONCERTO. And my audition is NEXT WEEK.) and decided I would make stuff for my… Continue reading

Mountain Climbing


Yesterday, I was hanging out around the house, talking to one of my best friends. He asked what I was doing, and I told him nothing. He then said, “You should climb a… Continue reading

A New Kind of Exercise


Today the 2012 Olympic Games start, and we’ll be sitting around like couch potatoes while other people run, jump, swim, etc. across our TV screens. Now, I’m no exercise advocate, but I’d say… Continue reading

Multi-Purpose (or “Some Rants”)


I’ve been holding off blogging because (I am so ashamed) I’ve been too lazy. I have so much to say about recent events, and there was so much writing involved… So here goes.… Continue reading

Epic Music Time (or “Some Exaggeration”)


I have come to the realization that I will be moving into my new home (aka COLLEGE) in just two and a half–count ’em–two and a half short weeks. It’s a little bit… Continue reading



Allow a small sob story, if you will. As of this very minute, I am kicked off Netflix while my mother watches Merlin (which I do love dearly, being the self-confessed Anglophile/scifi-fantasy nerd… Continue reading

Lazy Days


I can completely accurately say that today is the laziest day I’ve had in a while. No effort was made in putting on clothing (T-shirt and shorts, thank you very much) or even… Continue reading

Mountain Sound


First legit post! Just some music I’m into right now. 1. Mountain Sound–Of Monsters and Men ¬† This song is pure joy. The intro had me immediately upon first listening, and this live… Continue reading

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